Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve
December 2011

By the crib we are gathering,
reflecting as much on the miracle of the shared endeavour
to believe in this story of light from light, 
as on the nativity story itself...

Later the wine and the cake prolong our communion
some of us hanker for the remaining crumb
and linger, still for the last word of Christmas Eve conversation
before splitting like stars broken from a constellation.

Rain washed cobblestones,
half past midnight games of tag,
as evergreens strung with a million lights,
the silent stars, silver and remote as unheard bells.

Crossing the piazza,
the children wander and disperse,
Covent Garden suddenly theirs...

the performers and the crowds 
as though magically vanished elsewhere,
leaving it all for us,
a shimmering fairground, finally unwrapped,

hide and seek, lights reflected like elusive
sapphires on the gleaming stone dark
ground. Eyes in the night,
the colour of Mary's dress.

Losing count...

Diving amongst barrows and folded stalls
adolescent offspring
vigorous as robust angels
leaping and flying out of hidden lairs.

Debating snow

Bow Street
Long Acre and 

One in the morning -
gifts shorn of coverings as sheep of their wool
a flurry of paper and unfurling bow.
Long awaited births.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pink Cigar - at the Mau Mau Bar - Portobello Road

Bass player - Sam Rutland

Whiplash Jackson - lead vocalist and Sam Rutland

Guitarist - Edd Whyte
Drummer - Sid Mayall

Whiplash Jackson

The Mau Mau Bar in Portobello

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Photos of a Day trip to Hampstead Heath

A Sculpture by Henry Moore

Looks like a happy relationship.
He has climbed a ladder and is giving her some cherries.

In Kenwood House

The Guitar Player - by Vermeer
Historical note: On February 23, 1974, this painting was stolen from Kenwood House, and held for a ransom of over $1,000,000US in food to be distributed on the Caribbean island of Grenada, or else the painting would be destroyed by those who had stolen it. It was recovered by Scotland Yard in the cemetery of St Bartholomew-the-Great, in London's financial district, on May 7, 1974. Although the painting showed signs of dampness, it was otherwise undamaged.