Sunday, 13 September 2015

Van Gogh as inspiration

I first saw this painting today by Vincent Van Gogh.
It's of Armand Roulin and was painted in 1988

There is a look to Jeremy Corbyn that reminds me of Van Gogh- perhaps the sincerity. Corbyn and Van Gogh also share an interest in the ordinary person, the worker.

Van Gogh by Van Gogh

Perhaps I could try to paint Jeremy Corbyn ?

Figurative Photos - Summer 2015

Some photos I took on holiday this year around Lisbon, Sintra and Estoril in Portugal, with my BlackBerry.

me - Atlantic Ocean

police at Estoril train station

writer at Estoril

man on bench at Estoril

guitarist - beach at Estoril

father and son - Estoril

Salvador - Estoril

fisherman - Estoril

me - Lisbon

family - Sintra

Rosabel Sophie - Estoril

The youngest of the family 
Background: Casino Estoril

man and woman on a bench, Sintra

Time permitting I intend to use these some of images as inspiration for a series of drawings perhaps, if not oil paintings. Hopefully the dilutants, such as poppy and linseed oil, won't make me feel too nauseous. I don't have a studio out of the home, so when I set up all my painting things here we are surrounded by heady fumes. I dislike acrylics but may consider gouache or egg tempera.